Jewelries are considered by most women as one of their top materialistic loves. They are candies to the eyes of ladies and it's more than often tempting to get a few collections of them in different styles, colors, and shapes. Though these pieces are very expensive, they are considered as good investments as prices of these jewelries continually increase over time.

It is therefore important to make these timepieces good as new and proper care should be implemented to make them last for a lifetime. In this way, jewelries can be handed down in your family from generation to generation. The first thing you got to do is to know to handle jewelries when wearing them and the proper ways to clean and store each one of them.

One way to clean your designer jewelries is by cleaning them in warm water and mild soap. After soaking them, make sure that you have rinsed off the soap properly. Polish with a soft cloth afterwards. Make sure that they are properly dried before moving them into the jewelry cases. Usually such instructions to properly clean jewelries are included in your purchase. Read them carefully and follow them step by step.

Also included in your purchase are ways to properly store them. It is usually best to not let the jewelry pieces touch each other to avoid scratches on the surface. Usually boxes made especially for storing jewelries are created to properly store such items. Jewelries with stones also have different special care instructions to make it shine brilliantly in a long time.

You have to remove your jewelries like rings, necklaces, and bracelets when cleaning the house or when you are using harsh chemicals. Also, when you are going to use beauty products such as lotion, perfumes, and hairspray, make sure you are not wearing your jewelries. Aside from that, you shouldn't wear them when swimming, doing laundry, or bathing. With these in mind, for sure your jewelries will be adored and enjoyed by a long line of generation in your family.


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